Boxford Masques

We are delighted to announce that the infamous talented Boxford Masques will be performing at Welford Park 26 - 30 Juy 2017 .

The Boxford Masques is a local performance arts charity staging a community outdoor theatre spectacular bringing arts to all in the area.  Played by amateurs and staged by professionals, for a few short days the Masqueteers transform the front of the house here at Welford Park to a fully fledged theatre set !

This year, continuing to follow the extraordinary life and times of local Charotte Peake (poet, mystic and free thinker) we plunge into the 1920's; the world of jazz, glamour, women's emanicipation and unprecedented social and political change.  Themes of diaspora and shipwreck pre shadow our own age as our brave voyagers struggle to come to terms with leaving home and finding new homes in unexpected places  ...........

The Queen Anne house at Welford Park itself will become our ocean liner and the audience co-passengers on this exciting spectacular and touching musical romp across the stormy waves of a new age !

Tickets via The Watermill Theatre,  and further details from    bring a picnic and enjoy a wonderful summers evening of entertainment.

 These will be the only summer dates that the grounds of Welford Park will be open to the public.